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2022 Best Ideas For Maternity Photos | Nice, FR Photographer

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maternity photo of couple by the mountains and lake

We've created a list of the best ideas for location, poses, outfits, and more for maternity photos in 2022.

This list is curated by Pierre Chiha Photographers and is perfect for families that live in the south of France or in New England because that's where our studio locations are.

A lot of times when we look at old photos we can tell that they're old because the style seems outdated or cliche. On the other hand, many photos are timeless in their style and feeling. We've created this list to share the best ideas that belong in 2022, whether they're fresh and on trend, or timeless.

Maternity photo of couple holding sonogram

Idea #1 - Incorporate the sonogram

The sonogram is a great way to add more emotion to your portraits. Even though your baby isn't born yet, the sonogram placed on the belly really lets us feel as if we're looking right at your baby. It creates this feeling of a window. It reminds us that 'WOW, there really is a human growing in there.' And lastly, it leaves us wondering about what the baby's face will look like in person.

There is so much wonder and awe in the maternity journey. When you have an up close photo like this, it really focuses on that.

Sonography is routinely used in France and in the US. So for our families that live in the south of France or in the US, make sure to take home the sonogram pictures. Go through the options and pick the best ones for the photoshoot.

Maternity photo of couple walking in nature by the mountains

Idea #2 - Go outdoors in nature

Choose a beautiful outdoor location for your maternity session. This will create a stunning backdrop for your portraits and will turn your portraits into wall art for your home. When you include a beautiful scenery into your portraits, they'll have another level of meaning. You'll not only have incredible memories from your maternity journey, but now you'll also have beautiful scenery and art for you to have at home.

This maternity portrait is something we would really call a WOW moment for this couple.

Luckily, living in Nice or around the french riviera or the alps are perfect locations for WOW nature and scenery. Ask our studio about our favorite places for maternity sessions in the south of France!

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Solo maternity photo outdoors
maternity photo of woman

Idea #3 - Solo portraits

Solo portraits are so important! I realize a lot of people don't like to get their photos taken. What will help is to make sure you have a photographer that really knows how to make people feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera.

Your maternity journey is so many things - difficult, amazing, tiring, magical, and very temporary in a woman's life. Your body and your journey deserve to be celebrated. Your solo maternity portraits will capture this very unique and special time in your life that you'll look back on fondly.

These type of maternity portraits also make for incredible art pieces in your home. The human body is something to always marvel at and deeply respect.

maternity photo of couple outdoors in nature
maternity photo of woman outdoors in nature
black and white maternity photo of woman outdoors showing belly

Idea #4 - Show off the belly

Let's dismantle the idea that pregnant bellies should be covered! Your pregnancy journey is amazing and should be celebrated. Having the ability to grow a human is so incredible and magical. It's also mentally and physically difficult. Nobody is perfect and we don't need to pretend like it's always amazing.

Celebrating your body as it is right now gives you the chance to be more forgiving, more grateful, and to create special memories of this time in your life. After your baby is born you won't be able to go back in time to capture what the experience was like.


Idea #5 - Wear a flowy dress

A flowy dress is arguably the best outfit choice for a maternity session. Your portraits will instantly be more magical and more wow. It makes you look like a strong goddess, and who doesn't want that? I mentioned already that you deserve to be celebrated. On that similar note, your maternity session gives you the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself.

Once your partner is dressed nicely too, it will feel like a fun date night together. Your maternity session isn't just about snapping a few photos. Together we're going to create art, you're going to have so much fun, and it will be a special experience for you and your partner.

maternity photo with sonogram
black and white newborn photo of baby being held

Idea #6 - Organize a series of photoshoots

Now and Then photo series are so precious and nostalgic. Organizing a series of photoshoots takes some organizing, but it's so worth it. At Pierre Chiha Photographers, we offer special packages for 3 photoshoot series for this exact purpose. Ask your photographer if they have a special add on option like this.

With Pierre Chiha Photographers, your photoshoots can be in the same location or all in different locations throughout the south of France. Our newborn sessions are typically done in our studio in Nice. It could also be arranged to be done at your home if you live in Nice.

Seeing the progression of your family and your lives together is so powerful and moving. The best way to take advantage of a series of photoshoots is to have one for maternity, one for newborn, and one for family portraits all together. You can schedule them in advance to get the timing just right.

It's best to have your maternity session when you're 7 or 8 months pregnant. When the baby is born, it's best to have a newborn session in the first couple of weeks. Then, the family portrait is best when the baby is between 6month to 1 year old. This way, your baby will sitting up on their own.

maternity session of couple outdoors
newborn photo of baby awake in cute outfit
family photo with baby and dog outdoors in the backyard at home

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Thanks for reading!

- Gaby and Pierre
Father-daughter duo

Pierre Chiha Photographers

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