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Senior year truly is special. Your child is now an adult. They might be going away from home next year. Senior pictures are no longer just about getting a photo for the yearbook. It's honestly about celebrating this time in their lives, celebrating what they've accomplished, where they are, and where they're going.


A lot of parents even find the senior photo experience to be a bonding moment with their senior. Parents are going with their senior to the photoshoot, helping them with styling and wardrobe, and then afterwards - they're having fun picking out the photos together at the photo studio. 

Have fun with this. You deserve to make this experience special. 

You want to make sure you get variety from your photoshoot. The best kind of senior photoshoot is one that includes a variety of the 6 styles we review here.

1. The Traditional

Traditional photos are the types of shots you want for the yearbook or other headshot needs. They are an integral part of the senior photoshoot. Every senior should have photos like these, but they're certainly not the only type of photo you should aim for. Many families look forward more to the other styles of pictures that come out of a senior session.

2. The Fine Art

Fine art portraits leave you breathless. They feel like museum paintings but also feel deeply personal and connected. Fine art portraits capture your personality in a beautiful and authentic way. These types of portraits are perfect for hanging as wall art at home.

3. Go Big With A Styled Photoshoot

If you want to make your senior photoshoot truly a special experience, book a professional hair and makeup stylist. 

A professional stylist will be able to give you a natural glow and perfect hair that lasts the whole photoshoot even with the outdoor elements. Pierre Chiha Photographers have professional stylists that can you get ready right at the photo studio or even at your home.

4. Include A Special Interest

Including a special interest is all about highlighting your senior's personality and who they are as a young adult. It makes your photoshoot unique and also creates another level of meaning to your photographs. You'll get to look back and have memories of who they were or what they did in their younger years. Popular special interests are music, animals, pets, and sports. But you can truly include anything you want.

5. Go To A Special Location

One easy way to make your photoshoot more fun and memorable is to pick a special location. It can be a favorite place you go to, or somewhere new you've always wanted to try.

Popular special locations are the beach, the lake, or the mountains.

6. Get Creative And Fun

Make sure you choose a photographer that will help bring out your senior's personality during the photoshoot. The last thing you want are photos that feel stiff or cliche. And it becomes boring if the photoshoot only consists of your senior standing still in one place. Get creative and let loose - this should be a fun experience. 

Don't mess up your senior photos. Download our free Senior Picture Checklist

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Thanks for being here and reading.

- Gaby and Pierre Chiha

Father-Daughter Photography Team

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