How this all works...
We set ourselves apart from other studios because we take the time to give each senior individualized attention. You will actually see a difference from the beginning of the photoshoot to the end in how relaxed you look and how genuine your smile is.

Our seniors would describe Pierre as someone who is easy to talk to, silly with his jokes and confident with his camera.
They would also describe Gaby as someone who is youthful and easy to connect with, and has a fresh perspective. 
Just ask some of them!

We want you to be aware that our session fees are separate from our photo collections. This is because we value our time together and view the session fee as your initial investment. But also, it's hard to buy something you haven't seen yet! We'll email you our full price list after booking so there are no surprises. 

On average clients invest $650 on photos. Our photo collections start at $375. 

We stand behind our work and our art, which means if you're not happy with your photos we'll re-do them. Simple as that.  

So you're ready to book your session...
The best time for sessions are around sunset (the golden hour as we call it), so if you can find a day you are free then that's ideal.
Express sessions can only be booked earlier in the day, so if you'd like a chance at the golden hour just upgrade your session.

If you have a sibling who's home, we definitely encourage you to take advantage of it! You're already booking a portrait session- why not get some sibling portraits as well? Simply choose our sibling 'Add-On' option for $50. Your session will stay the same amount of time, but now you can get more varied photos.  

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