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Photoshoot in Paris - Paris, France Photographer

Four friends have a photoshoot in Paris with Pierre Chiha Photographers

girl near the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris

France is such an incredible destination for a photoshoot. There are so many beautiful locations to choose from. But today's photoshoot takes place in Paris - an iconic, dreamy and luxury location.

girls having a picnic near the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris

Samantha and her 3 friends had a destination photoshoot in Paris with Pierre Chiha Photographers while on vacation.

They wanted to have a fun photoshoot experience - to feel like models for the day - and create memories in front of some of Paris' most iconic locations. However, they spoke little french and needed help deciding on the location and all the other planning details.

It's important to choose a photographer who has local knowledge and can be your guide to all the best spots. Pierre and Gaby, the photographers at Pierre Chiha Photographers, are part french.

They spreak french fluently and know France intimately. So this is a huge advantage for anyone wanting an incredible photoshoot in France. You can rely on them to bring you to the best spots and be your local french guide. No need to speak any french, they've got you covered.

girl walking during her photoshoot in paris
girls sitting in front of the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris

The photoshoot took place at the Eiffel Tower and the surrounding neighborhoods. The ladies got the chance to get fun group photos and also have solo photos that felt like they were on set for a magazine shoot.

There can be information overload on the internet.

And there are so many tourists that flood Paris. It's nice to be able to rely on your photographer to speak the local language and know exactly where to go for the best photos.

Pierre Chiha Photographers is opening a new studio location in the south of France in January 2023. Photoshoots all over France will be available starting in 2023.

girl posing next to some flowers in front of the eiffel tower during her photoshoot in paris

Before your photoshoot -

Think about the purpose of the photoshoot. This will help you with your planning. Here are some questions to ask yourself-

Is it purely for fun? Do you want to feel like a model in a magazine shoot? Do you want it to feel artsy? Do you want to hang photographic art on your walls at home?

During your photoshoot in Paris-

It's best if you get some great variety during the shoot. Don't just stand still the whole time. Move around to different spots. Try out different poses, even if it feels awkward at first. Try out motion photos where you're walking or twirling in a circle.

What's best if you have a photographer you can rely on to help guide you the whole time. It takes the stress off of you and will make the whole thing more fun.

Change up your outfit to get different moods and more variety to choose from.

Don't be shy to try out different facial expressions like being serious, or having a small closed-lip smile. Think artsy and fashion-forward.

girl posing in front of the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris
girl posing in front of the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris

Here are some outfit ideas for a photoshoot in Paris-

  1. Flowy dresses or skirts
  2. Matching 2 piece oufits
  3. A stylish hat
  4. Vintage inspired outfit for a nostalgic Paris feeling

Fun accessory ideas-

  1. A baguette
  2. Some wine or champagne
  3. A picnic with blanket
  4. An old timey bicycle
girls having a picnic near the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris

Where to go in Paris for your photoshoot-

There are a ton of great neighborhoods and secret spots to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Arc de Triomphe
  3. Le Marais neighborhood
  4. Latin Quarter
  5. Notre Dame
  6. Luxembourg Gardens
girls posing on the streets of paris near the eiffel tower for a photoshoot
girls walking together near the eiffel tower during a photoshoot in paris

Best time of year for a photoshoot in Paris-

Paris is iconic all year round. If your plans are already locked in, don't worry about it. Pierre Chiha Photographers has photographed in every single season and type of weather - cold, hot, rain, snow... they know all the tricks to make it a perfect day and have back up plans.

However, if you can choose what time of year for your photoshoot, then read on.

The best time of year for a photoshoot in Paris would be late spring in May or June or in the early fall in September or October.

In the spring and fall it will be nice and warm outside. But it won't be too hot where you feel like you're sweating. There will be less crowds so you can have more space to yourself during the photoshoot and not have people photobombing you.

In the summer, it can get really hot in Paris and sometimes very crowded.

The winter time can be quite cold and gray - the same thing goes for early spring in April.

Ready for an incredible photoshoot experience?

Reach out to Pierre Chiha Photographers today about a photoshoot in one of their locations - France or New England.


Thanks for reading!

- Gaby and Pierre
Father-daughter photo team

Pierre Chiha Photographers

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