Black and white senior portrait with a violin. At the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA. Photographed by Pierre Chiha Photographers.


August 18, 2023
Photoshoot Ideas, Seniors


WHAT: Best senior portrait ideas

FOR WHO: High school seniors and their parents

WHEN: Summer before senior year and fall of senior year

WHY: Your senior portrait session should be personalized to you and should feel like a fun experience. This list will help you create the best experience and not miss out on the opportunity to have amazing portraits to show off this time in your life.


Great question. My name is Gaby Chiha and I’m one of the photographers behind Pierre Chiha Photographers. My dad, Pierre, is the other photographer. Pierre Chiha Photographers is a portrait studio in Concord that was created in 1998.

We have decades of experience photographing high school seniors around Concord and metrowest Mass. This means we know all the best senior portrait ideas. So, we wrote this list for families and seniors preparing for their senior photoshoot.

With this list, you can feel assured that these senior portrait ideas are going to help you create an amazing photoshoot experience. Get inspired and excited.


Musical instrument

View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers
View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers

One of our favorite senior portrait ideas is to include a musical instrument. There is so much emotion and passion that can be captured. The result will be an artistic portrait that will become an heirloom portrait you display proudly forever.

Hair & Makeup stylist

View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers
View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers

Having a professional hair and makeup stylist is a great senior portrait idea for seniors who want to make the photoshoot experience extra special and fun. Graduating high school and becoming an adult definitely merits a special splurge. Our hair and makeup stylists have a lot of experience with high school seniors so they know how to help you look your best while still keeping it natural.


View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers
View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers

We know how important pets and animals are to people. This is why this makes such a great senior portrait idea. When you’re able to include someone meaningful into your portrait session it will create such a special experience and you’ll have such special photo memories too.


View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers
View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers

This senior portrait idea is always a fan favorite with the parents… and for us, as photographers. How often are you setting aside time and organizing photoshoots? Probably not often. Which is why this is the perfect time to take advantage of including your siblings during part of your senior session. These siblings portraits will become some of your most cherished family memories.

Special location

Taken in Cambridge, MA – View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers
Taken at the beach – View more of Pierre Chiha Photographers

Going to a special location is another great senior portrait idea. You could choose a location that has special meaning. The first portrait was taken in Cambridge near Buckingham Browne & Nichol’s high school campus. The second portrait was taken at the beach, which is always a fun and beautiful environment for senior portraits. Espeically if you take your senior portraits during the summer, you’ll get this amazing warm summer sunset glow.


These seniors included their families during their portrait session. Including your family is a great senior portrait idea because you get to celebrate the senior together and take advantage of this special time in life to create family memories as well. The photographer will still dedicate half or the majority of the time getting solo senior portraits, so you don’t have to worry about the focus going away from the senior. Then they will dedicate the remaining time to get beautiful family portraits, individual portraits, and all other combinations in between. Family portraits are really important memories to create, but not enough families manage to make the time to do so. This is why combining family portraits and senior portraits together in one session is such a great senior portrait idea.

Sports & Activities

Making your session more personalized to who you are and what you love is always a great senior portrait idea. This is why we’ve included sports and activities on our list. It can be a traditional sport such as football or tennis. Or it can be something else like – fishing or climbing trees! Really, we like to encourage you to think creatively and make this experience special and one of a kind.

Now that you have the best senior portrait ideas




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