What to wear for a senior portrait session

September 29, 2023

This is an all-inclusive guide for everyone on what to wear for a senior portrait session. So simply choose the parts that apply to you.

what to wear for senior portraits at the beach

Pro Tips-
1. Whether your photoshoot includes 1 outfit or multiple outfits, bring extra options so that when we get together in person we can help recommend which outfits may look better on camera and which outfits may look better with your skin complexion

2. We recommend staying away from crop tops and ripped jeans

3. Think about colors that look best on your complexion. Stay away from colors that drain you out.

4. Make sure you wear shoes that go with your outfit- we do close ups and also full body photos with the scenery and nature

Black and white senior portrait of a boy at the Old North Bridge in Concord, MA

1. Try to stay away from outfits that are too baggy.

2. Stay away from activewear/loungewear, or clothes that have big slogans/text

artistic senior portrait of a girl outdoors in autumn

Senior portrait outfits ideas – dressed up

– Flowy dress or skirt
– Slacks with button down and optional jacket

Senior portrait outfit ideas – casual

– Jeans with top/sweater
– Fashionable t shirt
– Polo shirt



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